Web Sites involving IEEE 1394 Technology

We are providing the following links to other Web sites that feature information and products involving IEEE 1394 Technology. Please notify us when other Web sites become available.

Miro: Information about the new DV-100 Video Editing bundle from miro

Matsushita Press Release - World's Slimmest and Lightest Video Movie Camera

Sony: Information about the IEEE 1394 DS250 Digital Camera

Fujitsu: Press Release - Fujitsu Microelectronics new 1394 Serial Bus Controller

Symbios Logic: Press Release - Symbios Logic Announces Support of the IEEE 1394 Bus Standard

Philips: Press Release - Philips Semiconductor Announces Link Controller for Consumer Electronics

Adaptec: IEEE 1394 Web site

Microsoft Press Release - Microsoft Announces Support for the IEEE 1394 Bus Interface Standard

Molex: IEEE 1394 Web site

Sony: New Digital Video Cassette IEEE 1394 Camcorder

Texas Instruments: IEEE 1394 Web site

IBM: IEEE 1394 Web site

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